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What exactly is a "Rental Management"?

A rental management gives you a major advantage, saving you time and energy. Of course, looking for a future tenant and managing your property yourself takes a lot of time.

You are a landlord, you don't have the knowledge of real estate and you are not able to take care of the management of your property?

Then this is the solution for you!

By entrusting the management to our agency, you will have a professional and experienced team, which will relieve you of all difficulties and will free you from all the tasks related to your obligations linked to the current management of your property given in renting while profiting from an optimized profitability by offering you a peace even if you live far away.

What role does JRD Royal Immo play in this rental management?

Before the arrival of a tenant : 

Our mission of current management for the setting in hiring of your good:
  • Advertising and promotion of the property
  • Organisation of visits
  • Search for new tenants
  • Study of candidate files, verification of their solvency
  • Drafting and signing the lease contract
  • Drawing up all the inventories of fixtures and fittings IN AND OUT
  • Suggesting home insurance to cover the rental risk
  • Handover of keys
During the tenancy :
  • Management, collection and payment of the net amount of rent received, after deduction of charges and fees
  • Reminders, follow-up of unpaid rent and litigation
  • Verification of insurance contracts
  • Follow-up of the file in the event of a claim
  • Supervising periodic checks on the condition of the rented accommodation
  • Updating the rent according to the current index
  • Assistance to support the landlord in the tasks under his control
  • Sending an annual report to the landlord
  • A detailed statement of the rental management
  • Participation in general meetings
  • Monthly payment of advances on charges to the manager
  • Annual regularisation of rental charges
  • Extend, renew and/or terminate the lease contract if necessary
  • Sale of the property
Technical management of the property:
  • Carrying out any work or repairs to the rented property by our network of craftsmen
  • Call for tenders, order and follow up work/repairs
Departure of a tenant :
  • Exit inventory of fixtures
  • Organisation of cleaning between 2 rentals
  • Return of the bank guarantee deposit
  • Receipt of keys
  • Management of unoccupied accommodation
  • Search for new tenants
  • In case of sale of the property to new buyers
Our aim is to ensure that our work is transparent and worry-free.
On our website you will find a summary table of all our rates to help you choose what best suits your needs.
 what best suits your needs and how much for rental management.